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Every day we think of your wellbeing and work so you can have access to special benefits established within the institution or with our partners.

Egresados CJ ID request

The Egresados CJ ID will allow access to special benefits

Some of our benefits:

Access to more than 200 tools both physical and/or digital (books, magazines, Ebooks, database and library) Enter for reservations, acquisitions, and or inquiries communicate with:


Carvajal S.A.: 15% discount buying at www.tiendanorma.com, using the coupon Jefferson15. Does not apply in reams, it is not combinable with other discounts and promotions.
Valid until December 31, 2022.

Gran Chofer:  $50,000 COP discount on the different driving courses (Car, Motorcycle and Public Service) to all students, graduates and administrative staff of Colegio Jefferson. In addition, those who register as a couple will receive an additional 2 hours of practice.