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Grocery Store is a didactic proposal aimed at involving transformations of numbers (addition, subtraction, and comparison) through the handling and recognition of money in the roles of both a seller and a consumer in a store. Additionally, it promotes a love for mathematics, mental calculation, and the exploration of counting strategies, fostering agility when it comes to paying or giving change.

Our students in Primary enthusiastically engage in a vegetable garden project. They clean and organize the garden space for tomatoes, radishes, basil, and cucumbers. They learn about each plant’s specific needs for sunlight, water, and space. Students work together, displaying teamwork and responsibility, aiming to create a nurturing environment for their garden to flourish.


In the past few weeks, 4th-grade students have been learning about the flora of our region. We created some foldables to share our knowledge about our plant species. We walked around the school forest to connect what we learned in class with the real world and the species surrounding us. Students were able to interact with the plants, identify them by common names, and discuss their uses and the services they provide to humans, as well as the ecosystem interactions in which they participate together with the animal species that inhabit the same habitat.