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Social-consciousness formation program

The social training program is part of the comprehensive training commitment of our students and is transversal to the educational process. We propose two-way meetings that promote the opportunity to share diverse knowledge and narratives, about the way in which human beings face different situations, having the affective bond as a fundamental axis.

These meetings are held with different institutions and foundations with the purpose of bringing a historical, economic and contextual awareness of the social development of our environment  to the school-setting. Likewise, to give rise to an encounter of the other from the experiential, that is, to let something happen to our students in that encounter, that something happens to them in their words, in their ideas, in their feelings and in their representations.

In that sense, from the training and social leadership program, it is sought that the educational community of Colegio Jefferson lives on in other spaces of society from a more humane and civic role, with the purpose of generating transformations.