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PRE-PRIMARY (Early childhood)

Pedagogical projec

Project work that integrates all areas of knowledge using the game as a learning tool

K4, K5 & 1st Grade


Pre-primary is the starting point of an ongoing journey that students will take from kindergarten through 12th grade. During these first three years, children build learning for life through play and metaphor, starting from areas of knowledge such as science, math, language and art, while being immersed in a bilingual environment with approximately 30 hours a week in English.

Establishing the characterization of each boy and girl as the basis for a strong teacher-student bond and offering a multicultural and technological environment adapted to today’s needs, the mission of this section seeks to create spaces for personal growth to discover one’s own possibilities, recognize others and build new knowledge. In this way and through training that covers all the dimensions of human development at the academic, social, cultural, artistic, mental and spiritual levels, a pedagogy is promoted where our students actively build their own learning and through collaborative work, they learn in society: of, with and for the other.

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* For Kinder 4, applicants must be 4 years old before entering.



In response to the needs and challenges posed by today’s world, with the PAC pedagogical team we have designed a training option for Kinder 4 and Kinder 5 students. Our boys and girls need to have the opportunity to live experiences from different areas of sport, art and technology that help them discover their interests, strengths and tastes. So, we offer them a cycle of exploration and strengthening of basic skills for comprehensive development at this stage of life. We want our boys and girls to be able to enjoy all the options through integrated projects from play, enjoyment and knowledge of the following training options:

Integrated Arts

Plastic and manual arts, music and dance

Motor Skills

In the Aquatic Environment


Skills Exploration

Skills and Basic

Motor Skills