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JUNIOR (Adolescence)

(8th, 9th and 10th grade)

Junior is the first stop for our students upon reaching Baccalaureate. This section deepens the autonomy of young people, giving them tools so that, based on the knowledge and skills acquired in Pre-primary, Primary and Middle School, they can strengthen their own identity and criteria; aspects that will be key in your future.

Through project work that articulates all areas of knowledge and new technologies, students achieve important developments in their process as creative, reflective, argumentative and purposeful subjects. This becomes the basis for the vocational exploration work that they begin to define their life project and professional choice.

In Junior, the multicultural work and the improvement of skills in English and French also continue. In this section, students receive 5 to 6 hours / week in French and take their second Cambridge test that certifies their level of Spanish-English bilingualism as a native speaker, which certifies their level of bilingualism and demonstrates their ability to maintain long and complex conversations. fluidly. Similarly, they begin to prepare for the DELF test (official diploma issued by the French Ministry of National Education) that certifies their skills in this language.

Junior is also the time for our young people, accompanied by the psychosocial team and the Professional Studies Counseling area (click on each area), to begin their vocational exploration process where the objective is to rediscover their abilities and tastes.

Carrusel junior