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Fundamental axes / Pedagogy


  • The educational model of Colegio Jefferson seeks to cultivate all areas of training and development of the human being (academic, ethical and social, emotional, technological, cultural and sports).
  • For this reason, our students, in addition to performing outstandingly in the results of the state tests, are benchmarks for their comprehensive training and values ​​that allow them to develop as autonomous people, with criteria, a high sense of ethics and respect for the environment that surrounds them. surrounds.
  • The Jefferson pedagogy is guided by the Language where students are trained as leaders who have a positive impact on society, readers with a critical stance and producers of different texts. They actively participate through dialogue, debate and argumentation.
  • Just as it is also guided by the Collaborative Work that teaches children and young people to think collectively: learn from the other, with the other and for the other.


To certify command of the English language, all our students take the “Cambridge International Examinations”:

Students aged 11 and 12 are at least at an A2 level. They defend themselves perfectly in the language. They keep their conversations long and complex, sometimes fluently.

Students aged 13 and 14 are at least at a B1 level, considered the English of a native speaker. They speak fluently and hold long and complex conversations.

Students aged 18 and 19 graduate at least at a B2 level, a level required for undergraduate degrees by foreign universities. Many of our students achieve a C1-C2 level required at post-graduate level. Considered the level of a superior connoisseur of the language.

To certify French as a third language, students take the DELF at different times during their Junior and Senior years, an exam endorsed by the French Alliance. Students graduate with a minimum B1 level.



Environmental education is the best way for our students to raise awareness from an early age and assume responsible attitudes and behaviors towards the sustainability of the planet.

The natural Iguanarium or the open-air butterfly farm, the orchards, the recycling areas, the two water plants through which we return 9,000 liters of clean water to the Dapa River, and a dry tropical forest, in addition to the 100 species of birds that visit us frequently, are part of the projects where our students are amazed, arouse their curiosity, learn to value, develop skills, build knowledge and apply what they have learned.



Swimming pool, soccer fields, arenas for futsal, volleyball and basketball, judo room and artistic gymnastics.


Theaters, auditoriums, library, music and art rooms, among others.


Makerspace, Virtual Library, Laboratories, robotics space, audiovisual rooms.


Iguanarium, open-air butterfly farm, orchards and an open-air laboratory in a dry tropical forest ecosystem. In addition, more than 100 species of birds that visit us frequently. We have 2 water plants which allow us to return every 10 hours more than 9,000 liters of clean water to the Dapa River, located in the Arroyo Hondo basin.


We invite you to see here the video of our facilities

Social-consciousness formation

Our students are linked throughout the school year to different foundations such as Asodisvalle, Asopanid, Blind and Deaf Children’s Institute, Dapa Ardillitas Kindergarten, among many others. Through these experiences we seek that our students recognize themselves through the other and that from a privileged place, they find their place in the world to help. These spaces allow students to connect with what is essential, to understand their place in the Universe and the legacy they will leave behind.


We have more than 58 years of experience and more than 2,000 graduates who endorse our methodology in Colombia and different parts of the world. Throughout our history, we have always stood out as one of the best bilingual-trilingual schools in the country and ICFES has given us the highest rating, A+ in the Saber 11 tests.


tecnologia jefferson

We promote the development of digital skills to let our students know that these resources are not only available for games and entertainment. And that screens provide scenarios to learn and grow.

We offer our students robust platforms according to their age and very high quality up-to-date virtual content in English, Spanish and French.

Our Makerspaces and robotics spaces favor project work where the different areas of knowledge are integrated, generating real-life experiences.

multiculturalism / internationality


On our campus, Jefferson students interact with faculty and students from more than 22 different nationalities, creating an international context rich in languages and diverse cultures. In addition, through the Department of International Studies area you can access endless academic, cultural and/or sports exchanges during your training process. They also have the possibility of summer camps:

For 7th and 8th grade – United States.

For 9th and 10th – France.

Graduating with a double degree: bilingual Colombian high school and North American High School, allows them to enter foreign universities more easily.