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1. Number of books to lend:

  • 2nd grade students may borrow up to two books (one in English and one in Spanish)
  • 3rd to 12th grade students may borrow up to four books (two in English and two in Spanish).

2. Time limit for return:

  • For pre-primary students, six working days. No penalty if the student does not return on time, but a new loan won’t be realized.
  • From Primary onwards, students have fifteen working days. The 2nd grade students are not charged a fine.

3. Extension of loan days:

Books can be renewed by applying to asisbiblioteca@jefferson.edu.co or in person at the reception of the C&LRC. In case of non-return within the established date, this will cause the collection of $600/day. Applies to the entire Jefferson community in general.


  • Donated materials will be considered copyright (Article 38 of the Copyright Act). For this reason, we will not keep pirated or photocopied editions.
  • Donated, damaged or scratched (supplemental) school textbooks are considered as individual student work materials and are not relevant in the collection.
  • The C&LRC will take into account the state of the material, its current content and intellectual value, for these reasons reserves the decision to store materials that require binding or other type of repairs.
  • The C&LRC does not receive in donation world almanacs, albums, student guides, manuals, statistical yearbooks, ICONTEC standards, reports  or balances.
  • Donations of audiovisual material VHS, diskettes and CDs, are not of interest to the C&LRC since in general its contents are available in digital version. We receive DVD works of scientific, patrimonial, historical or artistic value.
  • All donations will be classified based on the criteria above and their edition will be valued favoring original versions, updated or expanded by their authorized authors or publishers.