With meaningful activities students from all sections celebrated Thanksgiving, an American holiday meant to give thanks for everything we’ve got. 
The entire Jefferson Community gathered together in the morning to celebrate as one big happy family, while enjoying the traditional thanksgiving ceremony where 11th grade students and their parents were the main guests.
After the ceremony Sailors (pre kinder), explorers (kinder) and guardians (transition) spent the day together in order to get to know each other while singing songs and having a great time.
During the day kids from primary invited school staff to eat with them along with a presentation in appreciation for everything they receive from them every day.
Junior and 10th grade students joined together in their classrooms to spend time with classmates and teachers while sharing some good food.
In the meantime, 11th graders invited their parents to remember the path they had traveled throughout their years at the Jefferson and to give thanks for all the support they’ve received from their family.



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