Natalia Cobo

The Jefferson was the place where Natalia was schooled, she finished her studies in 2010 and decided to study dance in Bogotá. In Bogota she began her career in Dance Art at Universidad Distrital, and it was even more exciting than she imagined, however, the love for her city and her family made her return to Cali for 1 year; during that year  Natalia did a self-analysis and created her first work "Poutiva en ciego".
 When she returned to Bogotá to continue her studies, she created a group called A-trush-K. The name came from a family anecdote, Natalia was with her family when she found a dragonfly with very unique colors; her Sister Juliana decided to name this new "subspecies" Natrushka, recognizing her sister’s authorship of the discovery.
 Since the group was created, Natalia has had the opportunity to assemble, produce and dance in four works, Eclosión, Nada, Tauros and Resistencia, her degree work.
 Congratulations for all your hard work Natalia!


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