On October 31st we had our Halloween celebration at Jefferson. Students from every section enjoyed different activities. Preschoolers carried out multiple missions as part of their marvelous journey. Kids from Prekinder found out why the bottom of the sea was dark and all the fishes were gone, while their kinder schoolmates assumed their roles as explorers using their tools to look for new missions. Children from Transition were summon by the queen and the king to save their kingdom and become “The Guardians”.
Kids from Primary were involved in numerous activities to celebrate this festivity. They watched movies, had a Halloween parade, shared special games and attended to a spooky storytelling and a makeup session at the library. At the end of the day kids wore their costumes and went trick or treating around the School.
Junior and Senior students attended some presentations, one of them about ghostly tales of the Pacific, told by María Elisa Palacios. They also spent some time playing around and sharing food with their schoolmates. Finally they had a great costume contest, which gathered students from both sections.



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